Volume 12 (2018)

Each volume of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems consists of four quarterly 100-page issues, published both in print and online. The articles confirmed for publication in Volume 12 are:

Volume 12 Number 4

  • Editorial
    Alec Nacamuli, Global Payments Executive, IBM
  • Opinion Piece: The advent of machine payments: The right way to pay?
    Udo Milkau, Chief Digital Officer, Transaction Banking, DZ BANK
  • The payment system as a public good? Lessons learned in the Netherlands
    Frank A.G. den Butter, Professor of Economics, Vrije Universiteit and Piet M. Mallekoote, CEO, Dutch Payments Association
  • The evolution of merchant payments and mobile payments to enable financial inclusion
    Bruno L. Yawe, Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economic Theory and Analysis and Deputy Principal of the College of Business and Management Sciences, Makerere University
  • TARGET Instant Payment Settlement: The Eurosystem’s response to an evolving payments landscape
    Marc Bayle de Jessé, Director, General Market Infrastructure and Payments, ECB
  • Supporting the smooth uptake of instant payments: Pan-European infrastructure principles revisited and checked against the live RT1 system
    Erwin Kulk, Head of Service Development and Management, EBA CLEARING Company
  • An open banking ecosystem to survive the revised Payment Services Directive: Connecting international banks and FinTechs with the CBI Globe platform
    Liliana Fratini Passi, Chief Executive of Consorzio CBI
  • Understanding the benefits of SWIFT gpi for corporates
    Christof Hofmann, Global Head of Payments and Collection Products, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank
  • Digital transformation in Japan’s banking industry
    Eiichiro Yanagawa, Senior Analyst, Celent
  • Seeking common legal entity standards to facilitate cross-border payments
    Jochen Metzger, Director General, Payments and Settlement Systems, and Tim Paulowitz, payments and settlement expert, Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Biometrics: Modernising customer authentication for financial services and payments
    David Lott, Retail Payments Expert, Retail Payments Risk Forum, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Volume 12 Number 3

  • Editorial
    Alec Nacamuli, Global Payments Executive, IBM
  • Interview: The growing relevance of cash in an increasingly changing payments world: An interview with Guillaume Lepecq
    Diederik Bruggink, Managing Director, Bruggink Consultancy & Guillaume Lepecq, Director, International Currency Association
  • SWIFT gpi: How industry co-creation transformed global payments
    Wim Raymaekers, Global Head of Banking Market, SWIFT
  • Digital currencies and the concept of money as a social agreement
    Udo Milkau, Chief Digital Officer, Transaction Banking, DZ BANK, & Jürgen Bott, Professor of Finance Management, University of Applied Sciences, Kaiserslautern
  • A critical review of the European Commission’s Multilateral Interchange Fee Regulation
    Alen Veljan, Head of European Relationship Management, Retail, Elavon
  • Retail payment behaviour and the adoption of innovative payments: A comparative study in China and Germany
    Jan Lukas Korella, Payments expert, Payment Systems Policy Division, Deutsche Bundesbank, and Wenwei Li, Associate Research Fellow, Academy of Internet Finance, Zhejiang University
  • Competitive differentiation versus commoditisation: The role of Big Data in the European payments industry
    Iris Hausladen, Chairholder, Heinz Nixdorf Chair, IT-based Logistics, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management & Torsten Zipf, Executive Consultant, CGI

Volume 12 Number 2

  • Editorial
    Alec Nacamuli, IBM
  • The benefits of using artificial intelligence in payment fraud detection: A case study
    Cristina Soviany, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Features Analytics
  • Who will make money? Tokens and the ‘5Cs’ of future currency
    David G.W. Birch, Global Ambassador, Consult Hyperion; Technology Fellow, Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation; Visiting Professor, University of Surrey Business School
  • What is the optimal mix between banks and FinTechs in the payments architecture?
    Daniel Döderlein, CEO & Founder at AUKA
  • The development of regulatory requirements for payment services: The European Banking Authority and the revised Payments Services Directive
    Dirk Haubrich, Head of Conduct, Payments and Consumers, EBA
  • General Data Protection Regulation: No silver bullet for small and medium-sized enterprises
    Gerard Wilkinson, Managing Director, Cognitive Research Limited
  • Merchant acceptance of cash and credit cards at the point of sale
    Ben Fung, Director, Kim P. Huynh, Senior Researcher Adviser, Kerry Nield former Economist, Angelika Welte, Senior Economist, Currency Department, Bank of Canada
  • International remittance markets in Lesotho: Implications for economic and social development
    Lira Peter Sekantsi, Senior analyst and Section Head - National Payment System Oversight and Risk Management, Central Bank of Lesotho

Volume 12 Number 1

  • Editorial
    Alec Nacamuli, IBM
  • Payment innovation: Simply getting consumers to spend more than they can afford?
    Ron Delnevo, Executive Director Europe, ATMIA
  • The role of digital assets in global payments
    Marcus Treacher, SVP of Customer Success, Ripple
  • On cryptocurrencies, digital assets and private money
    Avtar Sehra, CEO and Product Architect, Nivaura, Richard Cohen, Senior Associate specialising in debt capital markets, Allen & Overy and Vic Arulchandran, COO and Head of Compliance, Nivaura
  • The digital identity of legal entities: Current status and the way forward
    Gerard Hartsink, Chairman of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation
  • Rethinking digital identity
    Michael Salmony, Executive Adviser, equensWorldline SE
  • E-commerce: A merchant’s perspective on innovative solutions in payments
    Max Geerling, Executive Adviser, e-Payments, Dutch Payments Association
  • From digital payments to digital finance: How China’s tech companies are redefining banking in Asia and soon Europe
    Zennon Kapron, Director, Kapronasia Shanghai
  • The national payment system in Lesotho, 2000–2016
    Lira Peter Sekantsi, senior analyst and Section Head - National Payment System Oversight and Risk Management, Central Bank of Lesotho and Motheo Ernest Lechesa, Head of the National Payment System Division at the Central Bank of Lesotho