Change management: A framework for measuring and implementing organisational change

Christa Y. Leung, Senior Principal Health Systems Engineer, Mayo Clinic, et al.

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Abstract: In 2018, Mayo Clinic completed the largest transformational project in its 150-year history. Mayo Clinic was prepared to take on the implementation of new software systems (Epic Systems Corp) as an integrated electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle management (RCM) system across all sites of the enterprise. Three foundational teams were launched for this project: leadership, project management and change management. In a project such as this, a common pitfall is to focus completely on the system and lose sight of the end users. For Mayo Clinic, the people side of change was at the forefront of the project. A robust change management team was budgeted, staffed and engaged with an experienced outside consulting partner. A goal for the change management team centred on the best way to measure the change management impact and the degree to which it was making a positive contribution in driving successful adoption of the new EHR and RCM system. With literature lacking in this area, the team moved forward with courage and quickly learned that the easy part was the development of a survey with questions mapped to the six components of the change management strategy and the phases of the awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement (ADKAR) Model (Prosci Inc). The hard part was building the infrastructure to visually display millions of rows of data that needed to be positioned, filtered and analysed for all affected locations. The authors share the methods to measure change and explain the importance of developing a comprehensive and robust means of gathering and displaying large volumes of change management data at the project onset. This paper prepares the reader to confidently develop an organisational framework to measure and report the effectiveness of a change management strategy.

Keywords: change management; data; measure; survey

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