Volume 8 (2019-20)

Each volume of Journal of Brand Strategy consists of four, quarterly 100-page issues, published in print and online. The articles published in Volume 8 are listed below. Further articles scheduled to be published in Volume 8 can be viewed on the 'Forthcoming content' page.

Volume 8 Number 2

  • Editorial
    Joanne Dolezal, Dolezal Consulting
  • Diversity is good business: Transforming business and marketing practices for growth
    Nydia Sahagun, SVP, Segment Marketing, Wells Fargo
  • Beyond the box: The intriguing challenges of branding service companies
    Ida Cheinman, Founding Principal and Creative Director and Susan Bishop, Brand Strategist, Substance151
  • Do not leave your brand to chance: Plan your crisis communications now
    Lisa Cruz, Founder, Red Shoes
  • Why prospects go into the ‘black hole’ and what to do about it
    Charlene DeCesare, CEO, Charlene Ignites
  • Brand storytelling: A three-dimensional perspective
    Gabriela Pereira, Founder, DIYMFA.com
  • Reframing the awareness funnel and lead nurturing strategies to increase B2B brand awareness and quality lead generation
    Jennifer Montague, Head of Growth, TwentyThree
  • The agile content marketing roadmap: Integrating strategy and execution
    Bert Van Loon, Co-founder, Content Marketing Fast Forward
  • The relationship between fan identification and collegiate athletic apparel brand preference
    Nathan Kirkpatrick, Clinical Instructor of Management and Marketing and Clifton Eason, Marketing Professor, Samford University

Volume 8 Number 1

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett
  • Comment: Designing for packaged products in a CPG world
    David Dombrowski, Director, Industrial Design & Innovation, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
  • Case studies: A Fortune 14 company’s journey to delivering a modern e-commerce customer experience
    Corey Case, VP of Customer Engagement, Cardinal Health
  • Marketing, the change catalyst for digital business transformation: Lessons learned from the modernisation of a B2B marketing organisation
    Mahmoud Dasser, VP, CMO, TM ONE.
  • Practice articles: Three principles to guide CMOs for success in a changing marketplace
    Mike Linton, CMO, Farmers Insurance Group
  • Understanding the impact of marketing transformation on sales and marketing alignment
    Sandeep Pal, Regional Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Citrix
  • How to leverage calls to action to simultaneously improve user experience and conversions
    Mariah Obiedzinski, Director of Content Services, Statmats, and Kelsey Guetschow, Executive Strategist, MedTouch
  • How an in-house creative team can develop videos that hit the mark (without breaking the budget)
    Gaye Hill, Content Strategy Manager, and Vanessa F. Harris, Director of Visual Communications, Meredith College
  • How ‘the new customer buyer’s journey’ is reshaping the way you strategically manage your brand
    Mike Lieberman, Co-founder, CEO, Chief Revenue Scientist, Square 2
  • Research paper: Non-causality crisis response and organisational reputation: The actions of CVS to the opioid epidemic
    John A. Fortunato, Professor and Area Chair, Communications and Media Management, Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University and Ralph A. Gigliotti, Director, Leadership Development and Research, Center for Organizational Leadership, Rutgers University