Volume 7 (2018-19)

Each volume of Journal of Brand Strategy consists of FOUR quarterly 100-page issues, published in print and online. The articles confirmed for publication in Volume 7 to date are:

Volume 7 Number 4

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett
  • Case study: Outside the box: How Microsoft’s packaging design team is shaping a culture that delivers better consumer experiences
    Kevin Marshall, Creative Director of Global Packaging and Content, Microsoft
  • Winning in the sharing economy: Six keys to Airbnb’s success
    David Aaker, Vice Chair, Prophet; Professor Emeritus, Berkeley-Haas School of Business
  • Femvertising: Advertising taking social responsibility to sell brands
    Nikki Mamuric, Founder, CEO, Sprout Innovation Co.
  • Achieving position 0: Optimising your content to rank in Google’s answer box
    Courtney Cox Wakefield, Digital Marketer, Speaker
  • Advertising for good: What is it good for?
    Toygun Yilmazer, Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA
  • A flight to quality? Why content marketing strategy must evolve
    Joanne Dolezal, Lead Consultant, Dolezal Consulting
  • Move fast, save money, increase engagement: Why live video should be in every marketer’s toolkit
    Ashley Faus, Senior Manager of Integrated Media, Atlassian
  • Safeguarding brands in online review forums: The role of managerial response
    Stacey Sharpe, Assistant Professor of Marketing, California State University
  • Visualising corporate brands: Towards a framework of brandmark expression
    Jamie Marsden, Lecturer in Brand Communications, University of Leeds
  • Book review: The Paradox Planet. Creating Brand Experiences for the Age of I
    Reviewed by José Fernández-Cavia, Associate Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Volume 7 Number 3

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett
  • Case study: Unifying vision, brands and culture in complex company mergers: nThrive 
    Matt Bowen, President, North America, Brandigo
  • How to write a B2B social media strategy that will impress your CEO
    David Biggins, Marketing Strategist, Luminous PR
  • Purpose is at the core of branding
    Bård Annweiler, Co-founder, Owner, Mission
  • Voice-activated change: Marketing in the age of artificial intelligence and virtual assistants
    Valerie K. Jones, Assistant Professor of Advertising and Public Relations, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications
  • A question of unity: Institutions should weigh the risks and opportunities of unifying their athletic and academic brands
    Bill Faust, Senior Partner, Chief Strategy Officer and Mike Rehfus, Associate Copy Director, Ologie
  • The ‘borrowed interest’ appeal: Brands riding the wave of popular events and memes in the digital age
    Chung-Kue (Jennifer) Hsu, Instructor of Marketing, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech
  • Higher education: A luxury good brand model
    Alan P. Duesterhaus, Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing, Millikin University
  • Rethinking hero archetypal branding: Investigating the effects of authenticity and flawed archetypes on brand attachment and self-congruence
    Joann Sciarrino, Professor, Director, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations and Paige Roberts, Masters of Management Studies Student, Duke Fuqua School of Business

Volume 7 Number 2

  • Editorial
    Daryn Moody, Publishing Editor, Journal of Brand Strategy
  • How Wimbledon embraced social media 
    Alexandra Willis, Head of Digital, Comms & Content, Wimbledon
  • How social media influencers enabled a B2B company to drive awareness and engagement with their target consumers
    Jared Melzer, Director, Strategic Sponsorships & Social Media, and Brynn Zech, Social Media Lead, TE Connectivity
  • Branding an academic superbrand
    Alon Weinpress, Director of Marketing, Marketing and Strategic Planning Division, TAU, Atara Bieler, Strategic Planning Manager, Rava Eleasari Gelbetz, Head of Strategic Communications, Development and Public Affairs Division, TAU, and Ehud Or, Vice Director-General of Marketing and Strategic Planning, TAU
  • Aligning rights-holders’ marketing assets with brand marketers’ needs
    Mark Giovino, CEO/Founding Partner, Allionce Group
  • The art of ‘Philanthroship’: Blending non-profit and corporate goals for outside-the-box partnerships benefitting brand and community
    Curt Mosel, COO, ArtsQuest 
  • Crisis communications management on digital platforms
    John Deveney, Founder, President, DEVENEY
  • Accretive intangible assets: Bridging the GAAP with CPAs
    James R. Gregory, Chairman, Tenet Partners
  • The development and measurement of a brand authenticity scale
    Sean P. Coary, Assistant Professor of Food Marketing, Saint Joseph’s University, and James L. Oakley, Associate Professor, Chair of the Marketing Department, Lewis University College of Business

Volume 7 Number 1

  • Editorial
    Daryn Moody, Publishing Editor, Journal of Brand Strategy
  • Corporate partners and charities: A Movember perspective on strategic brand alignment, fostering mutually beneficial goals, and outcomes in non-profit sponsorship
    Erica Graham Jordan, former Head of Partnership, Movember
  • The rise of conversational commerce: What brands need to know
    Riku Vassinen, Head of Digital, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide
  • The right agency partner + experiential fundamentals = success!
    Jane Hawley, Senior Vice President, Sparks
  • Femvertising: State of the art
    Chung-Kue (Jennifer) Hsu, Instructor of Marketing, Pamplin College of Business, Virginia Tech
  • How brands can create a compelling sales proposition through storytelling
    Kelly Hyne, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, The Ladies Professional Golf Association
  • Never mind the love, smell the money: What is the ‘value-add’ of a brand?
    Crispian Tarrant, Founder, BDRC Group
  • Best practices for aligning university brands with fundraising campaigns
    Ed Sevilla, Senior Vice President, Grenzebach Glier + Associates
  • Brand architecture in higher education
    Rob Zinkan, Associate Vice President, Marketing, Indiana University
  • Book review: ‘Creating Signature Stories: Strategic Messaging that Persuades, Energizes and Inspires’ by David Aaker
    Reviewed by Ryan S. Eanes, Assistant Professor of Business Management, Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland