Volume 6 (2017-18)

Each volume of Journal of Brand Strategy consists of FOUR quarterly 100-page issues, pubilshed in print and online. The articles published in Volume 6 to date are:

Volume 6 Number 4

  • Editorial
    Daryn Moody, Publishing Editor, Journal of Brand Strategy
  • Content marketing at AbbVie
    Suzanne Barston, Content Producer, AbbVie’s StoryLab; Javier Boix, Head of US Public Affairs, AbbVie; Elizabeth Hoff, Director of Research and Development (R&D) Content Development, StoryLab; and Rebekah Pajak, Content Producer, StoryLab
  • Performance with purpose: The PepsiCo challenge
    James R. Gregory, Chairman, Tenet Partners
  • Surviving and thriving during the next marketing technology implementation: Best practices for modern marketers
    Peg Miller, Senior Director, Growth Marketing, Xactly
  • Debunking the ten most common myths SMEs have about branding: Why SMEs need real branding to succeed
    Sue Mizera, Co-founder, TorchFish, and 30-year veteran of Young & Rubicam (New York, Geneva); James Risch Co-founder, TorchFish
  • Quantum identity and the enhancement of communication
    Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino, University of Roehampton
  • Uncovering the foundational habits of a customer experience brand
    Mohan Nair, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Cambia Health Solutions
  • How brands are using nonlinear marketing to address consumer resistance to traditional marketing strategies
    Jamie Turner, CEO, 60SecondMarketer.com; Reshma Shah Goizueta Business School of Emory University; and Varsha Jain, Professor in Integrated Marketing Communications and the Chair, MICA (India)

Volume 6 Number 3

  • Editorial
    Robert Tamplin, Journal of Brand Strategy
  • Diversity and inclusion is key to Marriott International’s success
    Maruiel Perkins-Chavis, Vice President, Workforce Engagement & Global Diversity & Inclusion, Marriott International
  • The new way to brand: The mixing pot of art, science and, of course, a crystal ball
    Justin Racine, Director of Marketing & eCommerce, Geriatric Medical
  • Rebranding John Jay College: Adapting to an evolving higher education market
    Alan Siegel, CEO, Siegelvision
  • Multichannel brand storytelling
    Casey Hall, Social Media Lead for Business Communications, Thomson Reuters
  • Tracking website data with Google Tag Manager
    Joshua Silverbauer, Co-Founder and CEO, Grue & Bleen
  • Factories rust. Brands do not
    Uli Veigel, Founder, Uli Veigel Brand Consultancy
  • #ThatsGold: Sponsorship activation in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics
    Artemisia Apostolopoulou, Professor, Scott Branvold, Professor, Jacob J. Pearson, Graduate, David P. Synowka, Professor & Head of Department, Department of Sport Management, Robert Morris University
  • Branding by the five senses: A sensory branding framework
    Bertil Hultén Professor of Marketing, Linnaeus School of Business and Economics, Linnaeus University and Head of Sensory Marketing Research Group
  • The power of culture in branding: How the Korean Wave can help global brands thrive in Asia
    Naeun Kim, Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Department, Bryan School of Business, University of North Carolina, Greensboro & Lauren Hong, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Volume 6 Number 2

  • Editorial
    Daryn Moody, Journal of Brand Strategy
  • How Charles Schwab re-discovered its challenger mojo
    Pete Boland, SVP & Head of Brand, Charles Schwab & Co
  • From inside to out: Reinventing a brand globally and locally
    Louise Felton, Global Brand Campaigns & Programs, Intel
  • Engaging employees using the power of the brand to create an internal transformation strategy: The story of one global Telefónica family
    Amanda Clay, Global O2 Head of Brand, Telefónica
  • Rebranding today: A process, not a project
    Peter Dixon, Chief Creative Officer Hanif Perry, Senior Engagement Manager, Prophet
  • Global Account Managers: The Linchpins of GAM Programs
    George Yip, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, Imperial College Business School, London and Audrey Bink, Market Intelligence Manager, Delft University of Technology
  • Social innovation: An imperative for brands to address systemic social issues
    David Blyth, CEO, Yellowwood
  • Monetising digital audiences: Turning a marketing cost into a profitable business unit
    Andy Wasef, Managing Director, Digital & Consulting Strategy, ESP Properties
  • Mobile-forward design: An emerging trend for global brand websites
    Ben Sargent, Senior Analyst, Common Sense Advisory
  • Digital globalisation enhances local customer experiences
    Bruno Herrmann, Globalization Leader for the Nielsen Company

Volume 6 Number 1

  • Editorial
    Daryn Moody, Journal of Brand Strategy
  • Brand vs. portfolio: Using targeted marketing to drive individually relevant brand strategies
    Jim Sprigg, Director, Database Marketing & Analytics, InterContinental Hotels Group
  • Why be liked when you can be loved?
    Jamal Benmiloud, Founder, EARN Studios
  • 'I am not a brand, I am a wholesaler – The forgotten role of brand in B2B supply chains'
    Claudia Bünte, SRH Berlin, Sascha Stürze, Analyx and Oliver Vogler, LEDVANCE
  • How fashion brands approach cross-border e-commerce pricing
    Reid Wegner, Merchant Development Manager, Rakuten
  • Brand purpose: The navigational code for growth
    Markus Kramer, Partner, Brand Affairs
  • Satisfied: An enduring platform for an enduring bar
    Allison Miazga-Bedrick, Mars Chocolate North America and James Miller, BBDO
  • Reinforcement and revitalisation of a professional sports-team brand: Case study evidence from Germany’s Football Bundesliga
    Thorsten Dum, DHBW
  • Killing brands softly – Redux
    Don Schultz, Martin Block, Vijay Viswanathan, Northwestern University and Fatih Gecti, Yalova University