Forthcoming content

Each volume of Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy consists of two biannual 100-page issues. A selection of the articles scheduled for Volume 6 of Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy includes:

  • If there’s a will, there’s a way: Closing the US multicultural wealth gap with purpose-driven organisations
    Dr. Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, The Center for Multicultural Science
  • The changing multicultural marketing landscape
    David R. Morse, Adjunct Professor of Marketing Research, Grand Canyon University
  • Showdown in the camera sector: Strategies for an industry in decline
    Gagandeep Singh, Assistant Professor, and Jasdeep Singh Walia, Assistant Professor, Mittal School of Business
  • Balinese culture: The impact of Tri Kaya Parisudha on personal happiness and life success
    Ni Nyoman Kerti Yasa, Lecturer and I. Gusti Ngurah Jaya Agung Widagda K., Lecturer, Udayana University, Ida Ayu Putu Widani Sugianingrat, Lecturer and Putu Laksmita Dewi Rahmayanti, Research Assistant, Hindu Indonesia University and I. Gusti Ayu Tirtayani, Lecturer, Universitas Pendidikan Nasional, Bali
  • Country-of-origin effects on the brand image of agricultural products in China
    Fan Mo, Associate Professor, School of International Exchange, Guangdong AIB Polytechnic and WeiMing Chee, Associate Professor, City University of Malaysia
  • Let’s settle this on the (online) gridiron: Examining perceptions of rival brands and platforms in gaming and sport
    Cody T. Havard, Director, Bureau of Sport and Leisure Commerce, University of Memphis, Rhema D. Fuller, Associate Professor of Sport Commerce, Kemmons Wilson School, University of Memphis and Yash Padhye, PhD Candidate, University of Northern Colorado
  • Speculative methods: Conceptualising a theoretical framework for reimagining racism awareness in education
    Trudi L. Perkins, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Momentum Enterprises
  • Culturally relevant marketing strategy: Conceptualizing a critical pedagogical approach to multicultural marketing strategy
    Valerie L. Williams-Sanchez, Multicultural Marketing Consultant, Valorena Online

A selection of peer-reviewed articles published in Volume 5 - Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy includes:

  • Interview: COVID-19, the outlook for corporations, and the changing demographic landscape: An interview with Chiqui Cartagena
    Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science and Chiqui Cartagena, Chief Marketing Officer, The Conference Board
  • Is corporate America ready for a multicultural America? A dynamic capabilities perspective
    Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science
  • From K-pop to Korean products: An investigation into the mediating effects of imitation and attitudes toward Korean culture and products
    Ruonan Zhang, Visiting Assistant Professor, Rollins College, Nicky Chang Bi, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska, Papaa Kodzi, Undergraduate, Alana Goodwin, Undergraduate, Klaudia Wasilewski, Undergraduate and Eiko McCurdy, Undergraduate, Rollins College
  • Marketing tobacco products to communities of colour and a much-needed plan for change
    Richard Greggory Johnson III, Chair, Department of Public and Nonprofit Administration, University of San Francisco, Hugo Renderos, Lecturer of Criminal Justice and Public Administration Purdue University Fort Wayne and Theresa Kaimanu, Associate Professor, Portland State University
  • Exploring the use of shock advertising by for-profit and nonprofit organisations in China
    Shuo Yan, PhD candidate and Sindy Chapa, Associate Professor, School of Communication, Florida State University
  • The chief human resources officer is the new chief financial officer 
    Ken Gronbach, President, KGC Direct
  • Empowered storytelling: An examination of empowerment in storytelling and its impact on millennials 
    Tyrha M. Lindsey-Warren, Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing, Baylor University and Christine Ringler, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Culverhouse School of Business
  • Centring anti-Black racism: Developing racial knowledge as stance
    Trudi L. Perkins, Founder and CEO, Momentum Enterprises
  • Blackface sweaters and pizza with chopsticks: Problem cases and strategies for converting cultural appropriation into cultural appreciation in the fashion industry 
    Domenique Jones, Doctoral Candidate and Michelle Childs, Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee
  • Building a multicultural organisation: A conceptual model for organisational change in the 21st century
    Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science and Julie Veloz, Vice President, Diversity Intelligence & Strategy, Interpublic Group of Companies
  • Is fear of missing out (FOMO) a cultural construct? Investigating FOMO from a marketing perspective 
    Faren Karimkhan, Doctoral candidate, Florida State University and Sindy Chapa, Director, Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication
  • Multiculturalism needs more than openness to diversity: Updating the Openness to Diversity and Challenge scale for increased inclusion 
    Eliane Karsaklian, Clinical Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • An evaluation of AT&T social marketing delivery modes aimed at teen smartphone use while driving
    Francene Scott Diehl, Director of Safety and Compliance, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation, Luz Stella Marín, Assistant Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Majed Zreiqat, Associate Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Examining rivalry and outgroup derogation among underrepresented college students
    Cody T. Havard, Director, Bureau of Sport and Leisure Commerce, Rhema D. Fuller, Director of Graduate Studies and Carol A. Silkes, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, University of Memphis