Forthcoming content

Each volume of Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy consists of two biannual 100-page issues.

A selection of peer-reviewed articles scheduled for publication in the new volume, Volume 3 - Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy includes:

  • Editorial
    Dr Jake Beniflah, Editor, Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy and Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science
  • Hedonic vs. Utilitarian Motivation: Coffee Consumption across Hispanic and Asian cultures
    Xiang Tang, Maria Bayona, Briana Wilson, Matthew Prince, Xiaotong Lyu and Dr Sindy Chapa
  • California takes lead on Board Governance Diversity by Insurance Industry: Best Practices Recommended by Alliance Representing Industry and Business
    Michael G. Keeley, President and CEO of MGK Risk and Insurance Services, Inc
  • To Change or Not To Change? That is the Question for MNCs
    Arthur King Ma
  • Transculturalism and Its Effects on the Internationalization of Markets: A Conceptual Framework
    Constantine G. Polychroniou, Professor, International Business & Marketing, Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati
  • Retailing amid Regulation and Religion: An Analysis of the Unique Cultural Challenges and Opportunities Facing Market Ventures in Saudi Arabia
    Byoungho Jin, Ph.D., Putman & Hayes Distinguished Professor, Bryan School of Business and Economics, The University of North Carolina, Moudi O. Almousa, Ph.D., King Saud University & Naeun Kim, The University of North Carolina


A selection of the peer-reviewed articles, research studies, interviews and reviews published in Volume 2 includes:

  • Editorial
    Dr Jake Beniflah, Editor, Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy and Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science
  • The Conceptualization and Measurement of Bidimensional Multigroup Ethnic Identity: A Pilot Study among U.S. Hispanics
    Dr Jake Beniflah, Editor, Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy and Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science
  • Can a total market ad strategy appeal to multiple ethnic groups?
    Kartik Pashupati, Partner, Pushkart Consulting; Andy Ellis, Communications Consultant; David Morse, President/CEO of New American Dimensions, LLC
  • Empathy in Action: Moving Toward Patient-Centric Care for Multicultural Type 2 Diabetes Patients
    Jennifer Strassburger, Senior Director and Global Practice Head of Pharma/Healthcare at Clear; Stephanie Herold, Director and Practice Head of Cultural Insight at Clear; Aaron Villa – Director of Pharma/Healthcare at Clear
  • The Mexican American Middle-Class: How Heterogeneity in Class Backgrounds Affects Integration Experiences
    Jody Agius Vallejo, Associate Professor of Sociology and American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California
  • Are future business professionals ready for multicultural marketing? An empirical investigation
    Dr. Sonja Martin Poole, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of San Francisco; Dr. Ja’Nina Walker, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of San Francisco
  • Interview: The Future has Arrived: Targeting the Multicultural Population is a Proven Growth Strategy
    Javier Farfan, VP of Marketing, Verizon Wireless
  • Linking Loyalty Program to Cross-cultural Marketing Strategy: Implications for U.S. Hispanic Consumers
    Wootae Chun, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), Canada
  • Measuring Brand Loyalty among the U.S. Hispanic Population: A Within-Group Study in the Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) Category
    Dr. Neleen Leslie, Visiting Assistant Professor Marketing, Monte Ahuja College of Business, Cleveland State University; Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science
  • Designing cultural products for Asian-American consumers: A conceptual framework
    Yuna Kim, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, California State University; Steven Chen, Associate Professor of Marketing, Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, California State University
  • Emotionality differences between a native and foreign language: Implications for cultural marketing strategies
    Dr Catherine Caldwell-Harris, Associate Professor at Boston University and Dr Ayse Aycicegi-Dinn, Chairperson of the Department of Psychology, Istanbul 29 Mayis University

Articles published in the the inaugural volume of Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy include:

  • Harnessing the power of Facebook to target the Hispanic consumer: An automobile and QSR analysis
    Edward Staples, Director, Client Relationships, and Tiama HD Fowler, Director, Product Marketing, Lightspeed GMI
  • Improving Hispanic TV audience measurement: A media viewership study across three Hispanic generational levels
    Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science and Brian Hughes, SVP, Audience Analytics Business Lead, Magna Global
  • Consumer neuroscience: A method for optimizing marketing communication
    Michael E. Smith, Vice President, Consumer Neuroscience Solutions, Julia Trabulsi, Global Production Support Manager, Consumer Neuroscience Solutions and Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Neuroscience Director, Nielsen
  • Measuring the multimedia behaviors of the multicultural population
    David Horowitz, CEO, Horowitz and Partners
  • Moving beyond basic localization: Culturally customizing digital content
    Nitish Singh, Associate Professor, Wootae Chun, Associate Professor and Mamoun Benmamoun, Associate Professor, Saint Louis University
  • The effect of culture on the brand loyalty of ethnic groups in the USA
    Neleen Leslie, Immediate-Past President (Ex Officio), National Association of Graduate-Professional Students
  • The importance of the analytic approach to the multi-group ethnic identity measure in the study of Hispanic media behavior
    Ricardo Villarreal, Associate Professor, University of San Francisco and Shelley Blozies, Associate Professor of Psychology, UC Davis
  • Estimating the economic value of the multicultural consumer in independent retail channel
    Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science and Isabel Valdes, President, Isabel Consulting
  • The diversity of diversity
    Doug Alligood, EVP, Horizontal Markets and Chairman, Diversity Council, BBDO
  • The effect of cultural dimensions on brand loyalty of consumers in the United States
    Neleen S. Leslie, Multicultural Marketing Communications Researcher, Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, Florida State University
  • The potential effect of cultural priming on the effectiveness of cultural value adaptation in advertising
    J.M.A. Hornikx, Assistant ProfessorJos Hornikx, Department of Communication and Information Sciences, Radboud University
  • Programmatic buying in a multicultural society
    Janice Finkle, SVP, Magna Global
  • Creating a culturally optimized path to purchase model for US multicultural shoppers
    John Burn, VP, Multicultural Shopper Lead, Geometry Global
  • Total market: The strategy that will define mainstream marketing
    David Burgos, SVP, Cultural Research Division, TNS
  • An epistemological study of Hispanic marketing from 1979-2015: The need to bridge theory with practice
    Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science and Sharmila Chatterjee, Academic Head of the Enterprise Management Track, Sloan School of Management, MIT
  • Cultural marketing: Maximizing business effectiveness in a multicultural world
    Marieke De Mooij, Cultural and Anthropological Research Emeritus, University of Navarre
  • How to improve ROI in multicultural marketing: A mixed modeling discussion
    Mebrulin Francisco, Partner, GroupM
  • Where is market research headed in the 21st century?
    David W. Stewart, President's Professor of Marketing and Law, LMU
  • Examining brand loyalty using a multidimensional model among Hispanic, African American and Asian consumers: Hype or real?
    Jake Beniflah, Executive Director, Center for Multicultural Science