Content meets big data: Driving personalised digital engagement through customer understanding

Gabriele DiPiazza and Robin Hardy

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Abstract: Today’s digital marketplace is a playground for consumers and marketers alike; an environment generating enormous volumes of data that can be used to craft enticing digital campaigns. Consumers are leaving digital footprints at numerous touch points that marketers can use to facilitate dialogue, using data to set strategy, create experience, and if successful, ultimately drive conversation and customer loyalty. A shift from database-driven approaches, marketing by gut feel and the massive uptake of social media has led to extremely active digital exchanges of opinions, behaviours and preferences. Now, using technology that can understand multichannel information, from various sources including big data, the door has opened for digital marketers to make decisions and drive results based on facts, data and the intelligence and insights derived from human information. This paper discusses the current marketplace, the way technology can be leveraged to garner intelligence, and best practices for engaging customers and increasing the bottom line.


Keywords: marketing analytics, web optimisation, web experience management, rich media management, personalised digital engagement, social media monitoring, big data

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