The role of content in creating meaningful conversations online: Case study of Henkel Beauty Care's digital campaign in Germany

Sonja Briffett, Head of Digital Marketing and Steffen Ruebke, VP and General Manager, Germany, Henkel Beauty Care

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Abstract: The advent of social media platforms has had a disruptive effect on the shopping habits of consumers. Whereas once a consumer would be inspired by a marketing tactic to buy certain goods or services, today they will more often than ever go online to research the product further before buying. This paper will look at how this change in buying behaviour is affecting marketing campaigns, and will ask what brands can do to adapt to this new state of affairs. Looking at the case study of Henkel Beauty Care’s digital campaigns, the paper will set out the authors’ views that far from being a threat to brands, the changing behaviour of shoppers represents a real opportunity for meaningful dialogue and engagement. The tactics described here represent best practice in social media and are being deployed by a variety of brands across many industries.


Keywordssocial media, content, Facebook, brand, engagement, communications, mobile, 1:1 dialogue, online consultancy, SEO


Sonja Briffett is Head of Digital Marketing for Henkel Beauty Care, Retail Germany. Having built up a wealth of marketing experience in the fast-moving consumer goods sector, Sonja is currently responsible for developing and implementing Henkel Beauty Care’s digital marketing strategy for its core German market.


Steffen Ruebke is Vice President and General Manager Germany at Henkel Beauty Care. Before joining Henkel, Steffen spent more than 12 years at other leading consumer goods companies, where he held a variety of marketing and sales positions including global commercial strategy leader, business development and marketing manager, as well as customer team leader.

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