Editorial - Special Issue: Next steps for digital currencies

Gerard Hartsink, Editor, Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems

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Special Issue: Next steps for digital currencies

Papers included in the special issue of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems:

Gerard Hartsink, Editor 

Do we really need another dollar, euro, pound or yuan? How to create the right ecosystem for a successful central bank digital currency 
Michael Salmony, Chief Executive Officer, Payments Innovation Consulting

Central bank digital currencies: An active role for commercial banks
Olivier Denecker, Expert Partner — Global Payments, Arnaud d’Estienne, Consultant, Pierre-Matthieu Gompertz, Former Associate Partner and Elia Sasia, Partner, McKinsey & Company


Central bank digital currency challenges: The case of Greece 
Veni Arakelian, Senior Economist, Piraeus Bank


Using central bank digital currencies across borders: Lessons from practical experiments Morten Bech, Head, Innovation Hub Swiss Centre, Codruta Boar, Adviser, Innovation Hub and Daniel Eidan, Adviser, Innovation Hub, Bank for International Settlements, Philipp Haene Adviser, Swiss National Bank, Henry Holden, Adviser, Innovation Hub, Bank for International Settlements and Wee Kee Toh, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan


China’s Digital Currency Electronic Payment: A ‘negotiated currency’ perspective 
Lisha Wang, PhD Candidate, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Wholesale central bank digital currency vs traditional real-time gross settlement: Benefits beyond a new acronym?
Harry Leinonen, PSS-Consultancy, ESPOO


Identifying and authenticating the users of virtual currency via electronic attestation and the European Digital Identity Wallet 
Ignacio Alamillo-Domingo, Legal Counsel, Logalty Prueba por Interposición


Designing digital currency wallets for broad adoption
Becca Scollan, Principal Human Factors Engineer and Erika Darling, Principal Human Factors Engineer, The MITRE Corporation


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