From inside to out: Reinventing a brand globally and locally

Louise Felton, Senior Director, Global Brand Campaigns & Programs, Intel


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Abstract: Two years ago, Intel was at a crossroads. As the leader in personal computer chip technology, Intel had built its business and brand through the persistent focus on ‘Intel Inside’. With the personal computer market softening, perceptions of the company as relevant and innovative were weakening. Third-party brand studies had dramatically reduced Intel’s brand ranking. Proprietary brand research underscored the declining state of the brand. As technology rapidly evolved, with more and more brands entering the market, Intel’s role, brand visibility and relevance had become overshadowed. Intel needed to redefine the brand, connect people to the experiences that Intel makes possible, expand the brand domain, and increase relevance in order to be a vital, vibrant and leading brand for the future. A bold goal was established: to reinvent, revitalise and transform the Intel brand, connecting Intel’s equity as the power inside to the amazing experiences enabled outside. This paper tells the story of that brand transformation and how localisation of a global strategy drove meaningful impact on Intel’s relevance and brand value around the world.


Keywords: Intel, technology, transformation, brand value, experience, localisation, brand strategy


Louise Felton is Intel’s senior director of brand strategy, campaigns and programmes. Since 2014, she and her team have led the effort to revitalise the Intel brand globally and to reverse years of declines in brand perceptions and relevance. She believes in the power of storytelling to create lasting connections with audiences. As Intel evolves from an ingredient to an experiential brand, Louise is focused on the creation of programmes that authentically make Intel a part of the cultural fabric and current conversation, with brand experiences in music, sports and entertainment, and integrations into branded entertainment and content.

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