Marketing, the change catalyst for digital business transformation: Lessons learned from the modernisation of a B2B marketing organisation

Mahmoud Dasser, VP, CMO, TM ONE

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Abstract: This paper first summarises the principal drivers of digital business transformation and their impact on the marketing strategy, customer experience, branding, technology, people, organisation and capabilities. Secondly, summarise key challenges a B2B chief marketing officer (CMO) may face to stay relevant during the transformation journey and what role he or she should play to become a change catalyst in the transformation journey. Thirdly, it presents the framework we applied to modernise the B2B marketing division to become more agile, digital savvy, data driven and revenue enabling to support TM ONE Business transformation and growth aspirations. Outline the new practices that need to be implemented to drive effectively digital marketing, customer journey, personas, content marketing, sales enablement and predictive marketing. The paper concludes with lessons learned from this journey, the importance of balancing between all marketing channels and adopting new digital marketing practices and technologies, automation, people capabilities and skills and how to drive and implement the change management successfully


Keywords: B2B marketing, marketing modernisation, business transformation, digital marketing, sales enablement, digital transformation, hyperconnected ecosystem; customer experience, agile business models


Mahmoud Dasser is Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), responsible for B2B marketing strategy and execution for TM ONE, the B2B division of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM). Prior to this, he was the vice president of the Etissalat Group in Saudi Arabia, a 16-year Cisco veteran, where he held a wide variety of international leadership roles, as well as leadership roles within the Swisscom organisation. Mahmoud holds an engineering degree in telecommunications from Telecom Paris Tech, a French engineering school. A Moroccan by descent, Mahmoud spent more than 20 years in Geneva, Switzerland, with his wife and two children, and now lives in Kuala Lumpur

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