The agile content marketing roadmap: Integrating strategy and execution

Bert Van Loon, Co-founder, Content Marketing Fast Forward

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Abstract: This paper analyses the challenge of developing an adaptive strategic process for content marketing that fits a continuously changing internal and external environment. It presents a visual framework, published under Creative Commons, where strategy and execution are integrated in an agile process.


Keywords: content marketing, agile, strategy, advertising, branded content, Agile Content Marketing Roadmap, marketing innovation


Bert Van Loon grew up in publishing, experiencing and leading the industry’s transition from print-only to cross media from the inside. He has served the media industry for 15 years in various senior sales and marketing roles, in business development and in general management. During the past 20 years he has been working as an international independent strategist, specialising in marketing innovation and content marketing. His motto: ‘I believe #ContentMarketing is to today what advertising was to the 60s! Mad Men become Meaningful Men!’ He is a regular speaker at international conferences, including Content Marketing World, Content Marketing Masters and The Content Marketing Academy, and serves as guest lecturer at various international Business Schools. He is co-founder of Content Marketing Fast Forward. The first edition of his book the Agile Content Marketing Roadmap will be published by the end of 2019.



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