Harnessing editorial storytelling for social media marketing: The ‘secret’ to success in the new digital world has deep roots in old media

Kirstin Benson, VP of Global Entertainment, Getty Images

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Abstract: The very same strategies that newsrooms and primary schools have used to tell stories can help brands tell stories, too — and engage with the audiences with whom they are seeking to do business with. The ‘secret’ lies in a series of six questions — why, who, what, where, when and how — that can help you thoughtfully map out your social media marketing. Answer those with intention and in alignment with your brand purpose, and you will not be so concerned with demands to ‘go viral’ or with suggestions to ‘be everywhere’. Instead, you will create content and content strategies with community in mind.


Keywords: social media; marketing; digital marketing; storytelling; brand purpose; TikTok; Instagram; Twitter; YouTube


Kirstin Benson, VP of Global Entertainment for Getty Images, is based in Los Angeles, California, and oversees a global content team that provides photo and video coverage of more than 70,000 events a year. As co-leader of Getty Images’ Global Advisory Committee, she has helped drive positive change through the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Prior to joining Getty Images, Benson co-founded Instant — a video-only platform dedicated to the world of social media stars. Her media expertise has been featured in a variety of publications and she has produced the Primetime Emmys’ Backstage Live! show since 2013. Holding multiple degrees from the University of Southern California, Benson’s graduate work included research into how women behind the scenes in Hollywood affect the portrayal of female characters on screen — with findings utilised by the industry’s top decision makers.



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