Updating your stewardship and donor relations strategy: Determining a strategy that works for an organisation of any size

Juliette Kesterson, Director of Donor Relations, The University of Tennessee

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Abstract: This paper focuses on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s stewardship and donor relations strategy and how University of Tennessee (UT) creates unique donor stewardship through creative events, technology, segmenting stewardship and elevating personal touches. The examples included can be adapted for the needs of any size organisation.


Keywords: donor relations; stewardship; donor engagement; strategy; partnerships


Juliette Kesterson is the Director of Donor Relations at the University of Tennessee (UT), Knoxville. At UT, she coordinates stewardship and donor relations initiatives across campus and works closely with all areas of campus to ensure that all donors are being stewarded. As a part of the Communication & Donor Experience team, she also has the opportunity to help develop the campus stewardship strategy and to adapt initiatives to suit the needs and resources of various colleges and units. She has worked in the stewardship and donor relations field for over nine years. She holds a bachelor’s degree from York College of Pennsylvania.


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