Volume 2 (2017-18)

Each volume of Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published so far in Volume 2 are:

Volume 2 Number 3 (Winter 2017)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing
  • Utilising data strategically: A measurement framework for digital communication efforts
    Emily Truax, Assistant Director of Social Media, Boston University and Joseph A. Brennan, Clinical Professor, University at Albany — SUNY
  • Adventures in logo town: Managing institutional logos
    Mark Pennie
  • Why a strategic approach to science and university communications makes sense
    Andreas Archut, Press Officer, University of Bonn
  • Expanding the development operation: Embedding fundraisers ‘on the road’ to increase overall philanthropic impact
    Stephanie Cook, Executive Director for Advancement and External Affairs, Syracuse University
  • Opportunities for social listening in higher education
    Liz Gross, Market Insights Manager, Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation and Mike Horn, Marketing Strategist, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
  • Capitalising on philanthropic investment trends: New strategies for a new era in higher education fundraising
    Brent Percival, Associate Director of Development, University of Virginia and Jeff Moster, Assistant Vice President, Principal and Planned Gifts, Health System, University of Virginia
  • The elements of brand-building in higher education: The role of strategy, research and internal engagement
    Andrew Careaga, Executive Director, Marketing and Communications, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Volume 2 Number 2 (Autumn/Fall 2017)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing
  • Defining student journey mapping in higher education: The ‘how-to’ guide for implementation on campus
    JP Rains, Director of the Digital Strategy Office, Laurentian University
  • Leading a campus through crisis: The role of college and university presidents
    Joseph A. Brennan, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Eric K. Stern, Professor, College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cyber-Security, University at Albany — SUNY
  • Communication and contribution preferences: An investigation of millennial alumni
    Teri Root, Associate Professor of Marketing, Emma Taylor, Alumnus, Katherine Rose, Senior Director for Development and Advancement Services, Wendy Johns Lauderdale, Vice President, University Advancement, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Communicating you are worth it in a noisy marketplace
    Paul Redfern, Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, Gettysburg College, Keri Rursch, AVP of Communication and Marketing, Augustana College and Jamie Yates, Director of Communications and Media Relations, Gettysburg College
  • More than just a #: How hashtags and social media can help your campus events and campaigns succeed
    Tiffany Broadbent Beker, Director of Digital Marketing for University Advancement and Sarah Juliano, Social Media & Web Manager, Office of University Advancement, William & Mary
  • For the people: How a novel approach to brand management fuelled adoption
    David W. Martel, Vice President for Communications and Chief Marketing Officer and Carol Keese, Associate Vice President, Marketing, University Communications, University of Virginia
  • Crafting a Pinterest strategy to drive engagement
    Jackie Vetrano, Social Media Coordinator, Communications and Marketing, Skidmore College
  • Public will: What story is your campus equipped to tell?
    Rebecca John, VP, Marketing and Communication, Augsburg College

Volume 2 Number 1 (Summer 2017)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing
  • Dispelling the myth of the easy button in reporting for prospect development
    Bond T. Lammey, Managing Associate, Bentz Whaley Flessner, Rachel Schaefer, Assistant Vice President for Advancement Strategy and Kimberly Walz, Director of Prospect Development, University of Central Florida Foundation
  • Crafting a faculty and staff fundraising campaign: Predictors of giving, donor motivations and effective strategies
    Piyawan Charoensap-Kelly, Department of Communication Studies, The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Trends in marketing organizational structures and budgets
    Rob Zinkan, AVP, Marketing, Indiana University
  • Educational philanthropy: What are the predictors?
    Aysa Cooley, School of Media and Strategic Communications, Oklahoma State University
  • It’s not about the logo, promise: A case study in university rebranding and weathering the social media storm
    Helen Pennack, Director of Marketing and Communications, University of Warwick
  • More than fun and games: How New Brunswick Community College used prize giveaways to encourage alumni engagement
    Tom Meadus, Director of Advancement and Heather Allaby, Community and Government Relations Advisor, New Brunswick Community College
  • Case study: How University of Chester used a sofa and a hashtag to share the real story of their brand – and learn a whole lot more along the way
    Richard Bengree, Director, Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions and Adam Bodger, Marketing Manager, Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions, University of Chester
  • Raiders not readers: The role of market insight in marketing communications
    Clare Riding, Head of Marketing, Lancaster University
  • Redefining a ’60s icon: A brand proposition for the 21st century
    Giles Whattam, Head of Strategic Marketing and Angelina Bingley, Director of Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing, University of East Anglia