Adoption of global market practice for payments will pave the road to a successful global migration to ISO 20022

Isabelle Bouille, Head of SWIFT Standards Market Practice Team and Tanja Haase, Global ISO 20022 Migration Programme Manager, SWIFT

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Abstract: As digital technology transforms the payments landscape, existing standards are no longer fit for purpose. Adoption of ISO 20022 — a newer, richer and more flexible standard — will enable market infrastructures to offer customers more innovative and efficient services. Reflecting this trend, SWIFT is embarking on the phased migration of payments messages to ISO 20022. However, the success of ISO 20022 risks creating problems if there is too much variation in the way it is implemented. Such variation would fundamentally undermine the value of the standard itself. This article will explore how extensive consultation with the industry has provided a framework for SWIFT’s ISO 20022 migration strategy. A collaborative approach to standards and adoption of global market practice is being taken to build on the success of ISO 20022 and ensure innovation continues in the cross-border payment landscape.


Keywords: international payments; ISO 20022; harmonisation; digitalisation; standards; market practice; gpi


Isabelle Bouille leads the SWIFT Standards Market Practice Team. She is responsible for the High Value Payments Plus initiative, which plays a key role in the harmonised implementation of ISO 20022 by market infrastructures worldwide, and leads the Cross-border Payments and Reporting Plus project, which is a major pillar for successful ISO 20022 migration in the many-tomany space. She also represents SWIFT in the SEPA European Payment Council Instant Payments and Direct Debits working groups, as well as in the ISO Real-Time Group. Prior to joining SWIFT, Isabelle was Corporate Product Manager for France and Belgium at Deutsche Bank.


Tanja Haase is Global ISO 20022 Migration Programme Manager at SWIFT. She heads up a cross-divisional team responsible for the planning and implementation of the cross-border payment migration to ISO 20022. Since joining SWIFT in 2008, Tanja has held positions in customer education, sales, market initiatives and standards.



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