Why be liked when you can be loved?

Jamal Benmiloud, founder of EARN Studios

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Abstract: Today, people only recommend brands they love. If customers like you, be afraid, be very afraid. 81 per cent of people choose brands based on what their friends said. The author co-wrote Brand Love: How To Build A Brand Worth Talking About to help CMOs build a marketing team of millions. Why settle for second best? Why settle for being liked when you can be loved?

Keywords: brand love, people, culture, metrics, Monster Energy, Xioami, Red Bull, connection economy versus television advertising era


Jamal Benmiloud is a public speaker, investor and founder of EARN Studios, a consultancy for future facing brands. Prior to this he was former marketing leader at both Red Bull and Monster Energy, and co-author of ‘Brand Love: How To Build A Brand Worth Talking About’, with Graham Brown and Paul O’Shannessey.

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