Effective first-party data collection in a privacy-first world

Lucas Long, Product Manager and Privacy Specialist for Tag Inspector, InfoTrust

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Abstract: The analytics industry is facing an unprecedented change in the methods and requirements for data collection. These changes are a result of increasing consumer expectations regarding the privacy of personal information and shifts in the regulatory and technological methods used to meet these expectations. In today’s privacy-first world, first-party data collection becomes more important than ever — while at the same time more difficult. This paper outlines core principles for first-party data collection in a privacy-focused world and offers tactical suggestions for future-proofing. These suggestions include methods to collect privacy-safe first-party and anonymous data, strategies to enable downstream integration, and ways to enforce data taxonomies, as well as compliance via a server-side data distribution approach.


Keywords: data architecture; data minimisation; privacy; data collection models; cookieless data; data governance


Lucas Long is a Data Privacy Leader and Product Manager for Tag Inspector at InfoTrust, the data governance auditing and monitoring platform. As an expert on the regulatory and technical restrictions surrounding the collection of data, he advises some of the world’s largest organisations on how best to optimise their marketing strategy and operations.

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