Forthcoming content

Forthcoming content for Volume 8 of Applied Marketing Analytics includes:

  • Why multi-disciplinary, cross-silo teams are best at analysing and actioning data collected along the customer journey
    Victoria Jenner, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics, Harrods, Sefer Soylemez, Marketing Director, Rockwool Group, Sasha Dzhuras-Dotta, Growth Strategist, Amplify Analytix & Ralitsa Tsoneva, Senior Business Analyst Project Leader, Amplify Analytix
  • Unlocking the full potential of social listening platforms through prescriptive-based intelligence
    Mike McGuirk, Lecturer, Babson College
  • Customer lifetime value: How to find the right calculation and prediction approach
    Shirley Coleman, Technical Director at NU Solve, Newcastle University, Daniel Walker, Data Insight Manager, Tait Walker, Mohammed Rahman-Chowdhury, Masters student in Mathematics and Statistics, Newcastle University & Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe, Director Strategic Analytics, servicepro GmbH 
  • Towards a theory of analytics and guidelines for practitioners
    Marco Vriens, CEO, Kwantum Analytics 
  • The three stages of workforce optimisation: Moving beyond the industry standard
    Dakota Crisp, Data Scientist, Jess Brown, Senior Data Scientist, Jack Claucherty, Data Scientist, Davis Busteed, Senior Data Scientist, Anna Schultz, Marketing Coordinator & Jonathan Prantner, Chief Analytics Officer and Co-founder, RXA
  • Automated experimentation
    Nathaniel Rounds, Product Marketing Manager, OfferFit
  • Empirical measurement of marketing analytics orientation: Quantifying the factors that create highly analytical marketing practices
    Anthony F. Branda, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, ASB Bank Limited, Mark Weber, Research and Analytics Consultant, WellSpring Consulting & Eduardo Lucio, Chapter Lead for Data Science, ASB Bank Limited
  • The intuition behind machine learning in marketing: Linear TV attribution
    Mario Vinasco, Director BI and Analytics, Credit Sesame
  • Should you change your ad messaging or execution? It depends on brand age
    Koen Pauwels, Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Northeastern University and USA Adjunct Professor, BI Norwegian Business School, Bharat Sud, Lecturer, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, Robert Fisher, Alberta School of Business Research Chair in Marketing, University of Alberta & Kersi Antia, George and Mary Turnbull Faculty Fellow and Professor of Marketing, Ivey Business School
  • The culture and leadership style combination that cultivates a best-in-class marketing organisation 
    Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing, Rita Egeland, Adjunct Marketing Professor, University of Texas at Dallas & Kathleen Wong, Graduate Student, University of Texas at Dallas
  • How to choose the right influencer for a marketing strategy
    Aslı Diyadin Lenger, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Istanbul Geliąm University
  • An explorative study of salient usability attributes affecting m-commerce consumer behaviour in a Nordic context
    Lasse Loeber, Assistant Professor, UCL University College, Denmark & Simon Svendsen, Analytics Translator, Danfoss A/S 
  • Influence of bank employees on customers on the right choice of financial products 
    Sebin Joseph, K. Karthikeyan & Nelson Mathew, Research Scholars, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
  • The place-of-origin effect on consumer’s purchase intention
    Fan Mo, Associate Professor, School of International Exchange, Guangdong AIB Polytechnic
  • Using prevalence scores to isolate dominant multi-dimensional customer traits within 2D clustering models 
    Roger Kamena, Lead Data Scientist, Head of Innovation and R&D, Adviso
  • Attribution done right: How to prove the real value of marketing
    Moni Oloyede, Director, Marketing Infrastructure, Fidelis Cybersecurity
  • Diligencing and onboarding external data vendors
    Prashant Reddy, Vice President, Data Product Strategy, Demyst Data
  • Web3 and the future of marketing
    Kelly Cutler, Program Director & Faculty, Northwestern University
  • Blending neuroscience insights with data anchors for progressive profiling
    Kenda Macdonald, University CEO, Automation Ninjas
  • How marketers can use the power of an AI/ML model to identify and predict customers
    Shashi Bellamkonda, Marketing leader and Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University