Forthcoming content

Articles scheduled to be published in the new Volume, Volume 6 of Applied Marketing Analytics includes:

  • How organizations can leverage the right strategies and technologies to reach an active audience: Lessons from McDonalds
    Chuck Coolen, Senior Marketing Manager - Eastern Canada, McDonalds
  • Taking over or building a data & analytics team
    Nick Antoniades, Vice President, CRM and Analytics, Ashley Stewart, Inc.
  • Building analytics teams for success
    Radhika V Kulkarni, Former Vice President, Advanced Analytics R&D, SAS Institute
  • Staffing trends and strategies for recruiting talent for marketing analytics and business intelligence
    Steve Perlman, CEO, Syfter
  • Thesis and antithesis — Innovation and predictive analytics: Σ (Past + Present) Data ≠ Future Success
    Ted William Gross, Founder, Asanatae
  • How to improve efficiency and learning in marketing analytics in an organisation
    Mariia Bocheva, Attribution and Automation Specialist, Google
  • Marketing data science without third-party cookies: Impact, causes, and consequences
    Joe Sutherland, Head of Data Science, Search Discovery
  • Personality traits: How can data help us understand what really drives consumers?
    Clark Boyd, Google Digital Academy Trainer & Course Leader, Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Evaluating the business impact of digital experiences
    Melanie Bowles, Optimization and Insights, InfoTrust
  • Measuring attitude response times: A review
    Darren Bridger, Consultant, NeuroStrata
  • Sentiment analysis and emotion recognition: Evolving the paradigm of communication within data classification
    Ted William Gross, AI Technologist and Data Theorist, Ituran Ltd
  • Facebook and Pandora’s box: How using Big Data and artificial intelligence in advertising resulted in housing discrimination
    Sarah Khatry, Data Scientist, DataRobot
  • WeChat CRM: How to apply analytics principles to social media in China
    Arnold Ma, Founder, Qumin
  • Lessons learned from marketing analytics mistakes
    Mehwash Zafar, Senior Specialist, Performance Marketing, Deloitte Canada
  • Case-study: In-store display & visual merchandising analytics
    Gary Angel, CEO & Founder, Digital Mortar
  • Capacity planning for the casino & hospitality industry
    Andrew Pearson, Managing Director, Intelligencia
  • Using event-based models for cross-device insights into the user journey
    Mai Alowaish, Digital Marketing Consultant and Delivery Team Lead, InfoTrust
  • Adapting the enterprise data lake architectures for marketing analytics
    Roger Kamena, Vice President, Data Science and Technology, Adviso
  • Four pivotal capabilities for marketers to support the growth mandate
    Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing
  • Profit-maximizing A/B tests
    Elea McDonnell, Assistant Professor of Marketing, LeBow College of Business, Drexel University
  • Interrelated factors driving the purchase of over-the-top television subscription services: A study using exploratory factor analysis and the decision-making trial and evaluation laboratory method
    Chand P. Saini, Assistant Professor, SGT University & Neha Gupta, Assistant Professor, Amity School of Business, Amity University Uttar Pradesh