Forthcoming content

A selection of articles scheduled for Volume 7 of Applied Marketing Analytics includes:

  • Planning for a cookie-less future: How browser and mobile privacy changes will impact marketing, targeting and analytics
    Ian Thomas, Independent Consultant
  • The impact of evolving digital behaviours on marketing technology diffusion
    Andy Betts, Chief marketer, consultant and digital hybrid
  • Analytics redefined: Privacy is reshaping the industry
    Cory Underwood, Analytics Engineer, Search Discovery
  • Ethics and data governance in marketing analytics and AI
    Haniyeh Mahmoudian, Global AI Ethicist, DataRobot
  • Content effectiveness: Insights from analysing what content consumers think and do
    Colleen Jones, Founder and President, Content Science 
  • From marketing analytics to data storytelling
    Fabio Piccigallo, Co-Founder and CEO, Marketing Strategy Solutions
  • Ethics and neuroethics: From marketing to neuromarketing
    Caterina Garofalo, President, Italian Association of Neuromarketing
  • Emanating confluence: The symbiotic relationship between artificial intelligence and data
    Ted W. Gross, Futurist & Theorist
  • How can companies incorporate and support ethical AI and machine learning in customer analytics?
    Lawrence Latvala, Practice Leader, Americas , Jeff Horn, Senior Consulting Director & Dan Summerlin, Principal Marketing Solutions Consultant, Teradata
  • Data and decisioning
    Lisa Loftis, Principal Management Consultant - Customer Intelligence, SAS Best Practices
  • Look out! The 4 big forces conspiring to ruin your analytics!
    Jeff Greenhouse, VP, Subscriber Growth, AMC Networks
  • Ethical and efficient consent management
    Doug Hall, Senior Director of Analytics, MightyHive EMEA
  • How to build a data-literate organisation with a growth engine
    Carol Tran, Principal, Growth & Product Marketing, Carol Tran
  • How to improve forecasting with machine learning
    Barry Keating, Professor of Business Economics & Predictive Analytics, University of Notre Dame
  • Bayesian spend allocation models
    Dominic Williamson, Director of Marketing Strategy and Analytics, Instacart
  • Affinity algorithms:  An empirical evaluation
    Martin Block, Professor, Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill, Northwestern University
  • The OneGuide Customer Effectiveness Study
    Dave Fogarty, Enterprise Marketing Analytics Leader, Evernorth Corporation
  • Wither in-store analytics: How in-store behavioural analytics has changed and where it is headed
    Gary Angel, CEO, Digital Mortar
  • Using artificial intelligence to optimise onsite search and chat bots
    Jeff Larche, Senior Director, Digital Analytics & Insights, TA Digital
  • Optimising marketing strategies by customer segments and lifetime values, with A/B testing
    Christina Echagarruga, Data scientist, Facebook, Paromita Guha, Co-founder and Data Scientist, Axiomatic Data & Eva Qi Tianis, Data scientist, Vanguard Group
  • Moving toward inferential attribution modelling in a post third-party cookie world
    Roger Kamena, VP Analytics and Data Science, Adviso