Forthcoming content

Articles to be published in the new Volume, Volume 6 will be available soon. A selection of peer-reviewed articles published in Volume 5 of Applied Marketing Analytics – which consists of four quarterly 100-page issues – includes:

  • Transforming enterprises with applied AI
    Santhosh Vijayam Subramani, Director, CRM and Marketing Operations, Air Canada
  • Getting an edge on data insights and breakthrough innovation
    Joseph Bradley, Global Vice President, Customer Experience, Incubation Technologies, Cisco Systems
  • Bridging the talent gap: How universities and industry can work together to recruit, develop and retain top data talent
    Violetta Misiorek, Principal Consultant, Personalisation & Innovation, Data Science & Analytics, Chief Data Officer, SunCorp
  • Becoming a master: Attribution reporting best practices
    Stephanie Burton, Senior Consultant, Digital Strategy – Analytics & Optimization, Adobe Consulting, Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • The role of emotions in choice models: Some preliminary evidence
    John Roberts UNSW Scientia Professor Member, UNSW Business School, UNSW Australia
  • Customer lifetime value in a machine learning world
    Peter Fader, Professor of Marketing, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Investment Management: Competing in a data-driven world
    Laura E. Ribeiro, Global Product Manager, AMP Capital
  • Orchestrating your AI technologies
    Thanh Nguyen, Enterprise Architect, Department of Human Services, Australia
  • Use of notebooks to improve cross-company conversations on marketing data
    Hagen Wenzek, Founder, Freestyle Consulting LLC
  • Applied AI and analytics to effect real improvement
    Mike Moran, Digital & social media marketing consultant
  • Leading change: Future-proofing the data-driven organisation
    Adam Skinner, Chief Data & Technology Officer, Fitness and Lifestyle Group
  • Website attribution without e-commerce: A case study in automotive media optimization
    Jonathan Prantner, Chief Analytics Officer, RXA, LLC
  • Data collection challenges for marketers
    Chitra Iyer, Editor-in-Chief, Ziff Davis B2B
  • Customer lifetime value in a machine learning world
    Peter Fader, Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • The impact of GDPR on analytics
    Aleksandra Logist, Country Manager Canada and Head of Quebec Office, ACTITO
  • Issues with shopper tracking and data quality – From solving multi-floors to driving better positional accuracy
    Gary Angel, CEO, Digital Mortar
  • Effective frequency levels in out-of-house advertising
    Jennie Roper, Head of Research, Kinetic
  • From data-driven to insight-driven: Using analytics and insights for deeper audience intelligence
    Alistair Bulger, DMMS, Pre-sales and Strategic Development Director, Experian
  • High profile data breaches: Designing the right data protection architecture based on the law, ethics and trust
    Laura E. Ribeiro, Global Product Manager, AMP Capital