Using lift-testing to measure the true value of digital marketing in the cross-device world

Dominic Williamson, Lead, Marketing Science Team, Facebook

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Abstract: Digital marketing attribution faces a number of challenges as the online landscape evolves. Flaws in last-click models are being exacerbated by the growing move to cross-device usage. With this trend unlikely to change, it is clear that accurate digital marketing measurement requires an understanding of the behaviour of people, rather than devices. This paper presents lift-testing as a methodology that allows for the building and validation of a robust cross-channel digital measurement framework. Examples are provided to show how lift-testing can be used drive more accurate spend decisions than last-click models, as well as how it can be used for both between- and within-channel optimisation. This paper also calls for a shift in mindset within digital marketing analysis to ensure a focus on true incremental impact from both advertisers and publishers.


Keywords: digital marketing, cross-device, lift test, measurement


Dominic Williamson is a marketing attribution specialist and currently a lead in the marketing science team at Facebook. With experience at analysis consultancy dunnhumby, media owner JCDecaux and major digital marketer eBay, he has faced the challenges of marketing measurement from all angles. Originally from Nottingham, his professional journey has taken him to roles in England, Switzerland and California and he now works in New York.


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