Measuring the success of social marketing campaigns with web/digital analytics

Vaibhav Gardé, Marketing Principal, Interactive Marketing, FedEx

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Abstract: Given the explosive growth in the use of social media and the amount of time being spent on the various networks, it is only natural that marketing (advertising) investments are flowing into this new channel. While many different social platforms are grouped under this umbrella term, there are clear differences in their adoption and usage across demographics, geographies, time of day and the nature of topics being discussed. Almost all of the big networks today are what are regarded in marketing as ‘upper funnel’ channels. They are great for awareness and engagement, but it is hard to quantify the exact business value, mainly revenue impact, generated as a result of a brand’s interactions in these channels.This paper looks at some approaches to measuring the business impact of these channels along the entire funnel and provides recommendations to build, sustain and measure the scale of social media marketing success.


Keywords: marketing ROI, social media, analytics, process, people, technology

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